Presenting The German Elitist Band

Presenting GEB


The history of the German Elitist Band is somewhat of a myth as very few people have actually ever talked to the members of this bizarre, covert trio of artists. Even though they’re rarely seen on stage, their performances are legendary, a somewhat psychotic blend of performance art and music, referring all the while to their audience as idiots. While some are insulted, those fans in the know take this as their cue to drink. They have also been chased out of several clubs in the United States as they are fond of making American jokes between songs. Their purpose has never been clear, some say they are wealthy German nobility, so bored with their lives that they travel the world, emerging to play hastily announced shows. Others think they are former mental patients involved in a radical form of therapy.

What is known is that the tradition of the German Elitist Band goes back centuries. The present day incarnation of the G.E.B. is that they hail from Stuttgart, are rarely seen performing live, and are working on their debut album Achtung Idiots! on littleguy records. They only appear in public in masks, a tradition that pays homage to their Teutonic ancestors who wore armored helmets to conceal their identities from political rivals. We hope you love their music as much as we do and if you are fortunate enough to ever see them perform, remember to buy them a beer, a German beer … IDIOTS!

  Recorded, mixed and mastered by Soultaco 2007. All songs by the German Elitist Band a.k.a. – G.E.B.



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GEB Radio
      Charles Schultz Is Dead
      Chris Farley
      Springtime In Stuttgart
      Super Mario In LSD Land
      Super Mario In LSD Land (DD Version)
      Tom Green
      Two Order Eddie Shuffle


Credits Claus Mime, Uter Garcia, Wagner

Genre Satire / Gaming

Location Boca Raton, FL

Recorded Soultaco Studios