Jonny Rely

The Infamous Jonny Rely


He’s in love with a girl in a shiney can,,,He’s in love with a space alien,,,he’s flyin’ he’s smilin’ like a skeleton,,,he’s waitin’ for judgement day to end,,,,,,She breaths inside his cranium,,,she smiles she glows like uranium,,,she changes her form she’s born again,,,she never goes away it never ends,,,,,,She’s so far, she’s so far out,,,,,,She floats around etherial,,,he stumbles around like an imbecile,,,he used to be intellectual,,,her therapy was ineffectual,,,,,,on the day she knew she’d leave him,,,walking in a place where nobody wanted him,,,swearing that he had a plan and that he’d never give in,,,and its a beautiful plan when you can’t win,,,,,,She’s so far, she’s so far out,,, … Read More

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Soultaco 2007. All songs by Jonny Rely … we love too you Rely.



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Jonny Rely
      I Cant Make You Happy
      In The Sand
      Remember Me This Moment Always
      Two Lefty Lucies


Credits Jonny Rely – Guitar & Vocals

Genre Rock, Soul

Origin Unknown

Recorded Unknown