Mizner Park Amphitheatre's Summer Series

Jhan Lennon playing at Mizner Park Amphitheatre's Summer Series


What to say about Jhan Lennon? You decide. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Soultaco 2008. All songs written and performed by Jhan Lennon.


Credits Jhan Lennon

Genre Folk / Rock / Blues

Location Boca Raton, FL

Recorded 2008-2011




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Jhan Lennon Radio
      Baby It's Hard
      Bathroom Blues
      Don't Ever Wanna Die
      I Hate This Town
      Hillbilly Heroine
      Hurricane Song
      It's All Right
      Katie's Song
      Light Went Red
      Long Way From Georgia
      Lost Train
      Raining In Manhattan
      The Air Here
      This Don't Mean You Have To Say