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The infamous band that is “Jenga” started in 1996 in Boca Raton, Florida as a small jam band that emerged from a punk rock trio. Practicing out of a garage on sunny Sunday afternoons, the band grew rapidly by cultivating ideas from their vast influences in music. Such influences, ranging from bebop-style jazz and 70’s funk, to real roots reggae and old school punk rock, has given jenga a uniqueness that is all their own.

It hard to describe what genre of music jenga falls into, so rather than give out false impressions, we recommend that you check out a show for yourself. The proof is in the pudding. Although jenga pushes music to transcend the limit and not necessarily force, but encourage folks to listen, the brothers of the band certainly do not offend the ear … but rather massage it with crazy intertwined power to affect.

Music is Infinity … Now Begin  


Clint Denny – Drums, Vocals

Tom Pierro – Guitar, Vocals

Chuck Carney – Bass, Vocals

Barry Belanger – Guitar,Vocals

Genre  Funk / Jam

Location  BOCA RATON, Florida, US



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Jenga Radio

St. Paddy's Day 2012 - Set II

Recorded LIVE at Surf Cafe

Mixed and mastered at Soultaco by Soultaco

      Happy St. Paddy's Day
      Husky & Starch
      Red Solo Cup
      G String Blues
      Nasti Funk
      Legalize It
      What I Got

Ghetto Phabulous

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 13, Deerfield Beach, Florida, June 1999. Produced by Jeremy Staska & Jenga.

      Something We Want
      Baso Bastic
      Bad Attitude
      Husky and Starch
      Latin Jelly
      Ride The Trane For Miles
      Sham Po
      Eat At Joe's

John's Recording

Live at Surf Cafe for the Grand Re-opening Party March 4th, 2011 Audio provided and mixed by our dear friend John, mixed and mastered at Soultaco

      Surf Cafe Re-opening

Belanger Fest 2007

Live at Uncle Fred’s March 2007, 4th ANNUAL BELANGER FEST Produced by Barry Belanger and Tom Pierro.

      Jenga Rumble
      Clint Says Thanks
      Track 3
      Track 4
      Track 5
      Track 6
      Track 7
      Track 8
      Track 9
      Track 10
      Track 11
      Track 12
      Track 13
      Track 14
      Track 15
      Track 16
      Track 17
      Track 18

Belangerfest 2006

Live at Uncle Fred’s February 25, 2006


Helping Hands Benefit Concert

Recorded at Surf Cafe October 1, 2005. Produced by Jeremy Staska & Jenga.

      Sound Check
      Ride The Trane For Miles
      Tension Breaker
      Funky Barry
      Hurricane in B
      Something We Want
      Hurricane in C
      Legalize Dub War
      Cliff's Magic Message
      Sweet Home Alabama
      Three Years Underwater
      Crazy Train
      Sha Bop
      Starsky & Hutch
      Under The Bridge

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