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The Boca Raton All Stars (BRAS) were forged using the same recipe that all great rock bands have used over the years – too much whiskey, a scarcity of women, high temperatures, a hammer and an anvil. The BRAS have no intentions of continuing or ending their brand of dixie highway mojo anytime soon. Their motto of “the girls are out & i’ve got some whiskey” will serve as a beacon to guide the BRAS into the future.

The line up of the the BRAS is a fluid one, in which rock all stars from around the globe are always welcome to participate … provided they bring some whiskey.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Soultaco 2009-2013. All songs by Boca Raton All Stars.


Credits: The All Stars of Boca Raton

Genre: Rock

Location: BOCA RATON, Florida, US

Recorded: 2009-2013



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Sausage Party I

May 28, 2009

      Sausage Party
      Whiskey in the Refrigerator
      Time Warp
      I Ride a Bike
      Matty B
      Menu Hat
      Jonas Brother
      Happy Birthday (To This Band)

Sausage Party II

Soultaco Studios – August 21, 2010

      Pool Party
      Voodoo On My Balls
      Porn Collection Vol I
      Porn Collection Vol II
      What What
      Another Pool Party
      I Jam Therefore I Am
      Hangover Blues
      Pipe Bomb In My Pants
      Rockin From The Second You're Born
      Surfin In A Burka