First day on the Post!

So I have a huge pile of records to plow through and decided to start from the bottom up. I have alot of easy listening to do it looks like in the first row. I started with The New Seekers…ah…the irony!!
In five words or less? Today’s records were somewhat uneventful. The New Seekers “We’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” Barbara Streisand’s “The Third Album,” a Classic, “Gold” by yes, the manly man, Frankie Valli followed by The Chrysalis Compendium’s 2nd Volume. What they all had in common were perfectly presented vocals. Barbara’s voice is angelic and has a quiet innocence about it. The Producer _______ wrote a note on the back about the first time he saw her sing opening her Las Vegas opening act with a soft ballad. Why did it work? Because she’s Barbara!! She can burb on stage and we will love it! Her voice is as original as they get!

I don’t want to declare that they weren’t good but let’s be real here, they didn’t take my concentration off work! Nothing had yet hit me like Al Green’s Cream. Every song is beautifully arranged and played; so fluid!! An added bonus is I had never heard him sing Unchained Melody before. He didn’t spew all over it like so many have done!

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