Thank you Kiss Radio! Today’s favorite was Piccadilly Radio 261 Soul Train and oh my Soul Mamma!!!! This record is electrifying, thank you again Atlantic Records. Such a classic! Percy Sledge is singing When a Man Loves a Woman on this record! Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Aretha and Wilson Pickett are among the song list. You can hear the one microphone that picked up all the vocals and some sound perhaps live.

This record represents the soul music that was shaking the booties of all the club dancers and radio listeners of 1975. There is a picture of a very modest white man on the back named Andy Peebles. In a round about way I think it is honoring him as one of the many radio dj’s who tirelessly promoted new music on the radio. Piccadilly Radio was actually the first of Manchester’s Independent Local Radio stations which became Key 103 in the early 90’s. Even though some of these songs were published long before 1975. Whatever the story is, it’s my favorite so far on this listening train….gimme some more soul baby!!

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