I now know why they say Clapton is God. I saw his show at the Panther Stadium in Sunrise, FL last night and it left me unsure if I should go home and practice until my fingers bleed or just quit playing guitar altogether. I almost didn’t go to the show, but decided at the last minute to drive down to see if any tickets were still available. In fact, it was no where near sold out. So glad I went, too bad more people didn’t.

Clapton mostly played a standard Strat through a little vintage-looking tube amp and was pumping out legendary tones with such a fluid style that looked like his fingers were just floating along the fret board. He also did a few songs including “Layla” with an old Martin acoustic that sounded amazing. By the way, for anyone who only thinks guitar when you hear Clapton, you are missing the fact that he has great voice. Classic blues sound. I really think there’s an old fat delta blues player trapped inside that skinny Brit. Besides that, his band was amazing as well. Two girls singing back-up in perfect harmonies and an organ/keyboard player that would make you wet your pants. If this tour comes to your area, I highly suggest you check it out.

Oh yeh, Roger Daltrey from The Who opened up with his band. His brother played guitar and sang too. They did a few Who songs, which were good, but it was otherwise somewhat underwhelming. Better than his performance at the Superbowl though.  Just an opinion.

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