Blues Traveler @ Culture Room

If you never had the chance to see Blues Traveler, too bad, but not too late. They are touring right now at mostly small clubs festivals. I had the chance to see them at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale Friday night. It was not only an amazing show, but crazy to see them in such a small club on a stage I have played on many times. I have seen my share of BT shows, but never this up close and personal. Let me say, they still got it and have developed this groove sound that you don’t normally get from an area-type venue. After starting the show with a “warm-up” version of Sweet Talking Hippie, they launched directly into Love and Greed and it never slowed down from there. Whole band was tight as shit, and I gotta give props to the bass player, that guy had some big shoes to fill.  Only negative was the that the sound was muddy in front of the stage.  Small club guys, point the speakers at the crowd, not the back wall of the club :)

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